Sev Garett Painting

Sev Garett Painting

Sev Garett is French, her real name is Séverine!

She is an artist through and through...

She started her carrier with the ballet in different professional companies, before occuping the stage of the country music, like a singer entertainer with the name of Sev Garett. She has already recorded 5 albums.

In 2007, she discovers the painting, on autodidact way!

She started with murals, furnitures and canvas...

She paints what she is : true, natural, sensitive and perfectionist!

Her technic on canvas awakes interest and plays with 2 senses : sight and touch!

She created the technical term "accessoirisme"for the pictural movement that consist on adding different materials (wood, fabric, plastic...) on paintings.

She is a young painter with her own touch!

All her paintings are 100% original, sensual and elegant!

Her speciality is to paint nude women in black and white oil painting and to add a colour material to dress the model …

She likes lingerie and feminity and we can feel it in her art!